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Time to present a strong front to the EU bullies

24 August, 2018

• P LAIDLAW ruminates on what might have been the outcome of a referendum where the question on the ballot paper was different to the one asked in 2016, (It’s not surprising that an increasing majority of the population wants a People’s Vote, August 17).

What point can there possibly be in speculating on how we would have answered a question we were never asked?

The result of the 2016 referendum was endorsed in the general election of 2017. Both major parties included in their manifesto a commitment to leave the customs union and single market.

Labour merely claimed that their objective in this area was to place “strong emphasis on retaining the benefits” of them.

On that platform those two parties secured 82.4 per cent of the vote – 580 seats, a massive majority for leaving the customs union and single market. Leave those and you leave the EU. Remainers voting to leave, maybe P Laidlaw included, are they serious?

P Laidlaw seems to know what will happen when we leave, although unable to offer any substantive evidence. The only people who will cause our social fabric to be “ripped apart” are those who seek to defy the popular vote using spurious arguments.

They predict dire consequences so often they might be wishing this upon their fellow citizens just for the satisfaction of saying: “I told you what would happen.”

Can those who wish to rejoin the EU not acknowledge the problems faced by that organisation? Failure of the euro, which alone signals its certain demise, high levels of unemployment with all the misery that brings, the rise of hard-right parties, which the EU is designed to prevent, depopulation in the Baltic States which have significant Russian-speaking minorities. It goes on.

We voted to leave so why cannot people who voted to remain accept this, reject our despicably feeble leaders and subversive civil servants and join with their fellow citizens to present a strong front to the EU bullies?

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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