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Time to think again on Brexit

01 December, 2017

• SINCE the EU referen­dum, Islington in Europe has been out on the streets persuading the public to maintain opposition to Brexit. In a borough that voted heavily to remain in the EU, you would expect there to be continued opposition to Brexit, but what is really striking is the growing number of people who voted Leave but have changed their mind.

Many people who voted Remain but thought they should abide by the result of the referendum are saying they can no longer support the majority in the referen­dum because Brexit is a major threat to our standard of living and way of life.

Islington in Europe has been struck by the number of EU citizens in essential services, such as the NHS and social care, who have decided to give up their jobs and leave the UK because of Brexit. On one occasion, one of our activists was approached by three doctors who said they were leaving.

Brexit offers no prospect whatsoever of attracting doctors and nurses and other essential workers to the UK. It is a turn-off. But the people of Islington cannot be expected to put up with being deprived – by Brexit – of the doctors, nurses and social care workers we need to maintain adequate levels of medical and social care.

Brexit is turning out to be a vanity project for a few careerist politicians. It is not in the national interest. Responsible politicians should stand up and say so.

Chair, Islington in Europe


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