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Tips to handle the London work commute

06 November, 2017


Tips to handle the London work commute

For the majority of us, the daily commute to work can be tiresome, and if you’re someone who has to travel in and out of Central London every day, you’ll know this feeling perfectly. Here are some things you might want to try to avoid the travel blues.

Keep yourself entertained

With all of this extra time on your hands, you might want to learn a new skill rather than staring aimlessly out of the window. There are plenty of apps available today that allow you to pick up a new language, improve your memory or simply play an attention-grabbing game. You don’t have to rely on your mobile phone, though (although it is often the best option for when you have limited space). There are plenty of arts and crafts that you can take on the bus or tube such as crocheting or you might just want to take this time to catch up on your reading.

Leave some room for manoeuvre

Instead of thinking that you’re going to be late for work every day, try to leave some room for manoeuvre so that if your bus or tube happens to be running late, you don’t need to panic. Mapping apps are great for planning your exact route and telling you how long it will take from the moment you leave the house to the moment you get to work but sometimes it might be better to switch up your usual route to see if you can save a little bit of time.

Be friendly

Everyone on your daily commute is in the same position as you so why make it any worse by being unfriendly? If you’re on an escalator, make sure that you stand to the right so people in a rush can get by. Give up your seat to other passengers if you feel that they need it more than you and for the sake of your fellow passengers, make sure that you don’t skip out on your morning shower!

Know your exits

Small changes can make a huge difference and knowing which tube station exit is the nearest to where you need to be will save more time than you think. Apps such as Tube Exits will give you an idea of where you need to be sitting based on the exit that you’re aiming for.

Improve your fitness

All of those stairs are bound to help you improve your cardio, and in a short space of time, it’s likely that you’ll see the physical results. If you want to keep track of how well you’re doing, there are plenty of gadgets and apps available to do so, many of which will be suited to your budget and style.

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