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To people like me ‘out’ means out

19 July, 2019

• PETRA Laidlaw (Give people their say on the EU, July 12) claims consistent poll findings over the last two years show the majority of the UK population don’t want Brexit at all.

If that is the case, how come the Brexit Party gained the most seats in the recent European elections? It gained virtually the same number of seats as the Liberal Democrats, Conservat­ives and Labour put together.

No wonder Brexit’s opponents sat up and took notice because this was all about real votes, not an opinion poll. It was pathetic for remainers to say they had won on the grounds that if you put the other parties together, they got more votes.

Remainers should do well to remember many leavers did not bother to vote because they felt the whole thing was a waste of time, given that the UK should have left the EU in March. Ms Laidlaw goes on about a soft Brexit.

A soft Brexit is not Brexit at all. There was nothing on the ballot paper asking if we wanted to leave, subject to a trade deal with the EU; nothing asking if we wanted to be half-in and half-out – just if we wanted to be in or out.

To millions of people like myself “out” means completely out. Out of all EU institutions and imposing tariffs on EU goods while they impose tariffs on our goods.

For three years we have had nothing but gloom and doom from the remainers, led by a remainer prime minister, aided by her chancellor, the architect of “Project Fear” (parts one and two.).

Finally, Ms Laidlaw urges us to take part in a demonstration on July 20. As always, the organisers will claim a million were in attendance.

The only figure that counts is the 17.4 million who voted to leave. They’ve not gone away.

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