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Town Hall to supply fair energy

20 October, 2017

Cllr Claudia Webbe

ISLINGTON’S new municipal energy provider “stands as a challenge to the system” in which big energy companies cream off profits for managers and shareholders, the Town Hall’s environment chief has claimed.

Angelic Energy, a not-for-profit energy provider set up by the Town Hall, will help break the stranglehold of the so-called “Big Six” by offering fair gas and electricity prices, Cllr Claudia Webbe said at the launch event on Tuesday.

It is London’s first municipal energy provider in more than a century, and customers will save £226 on average each year compared to people on the cheapest direct debit deals with the major providers, according to Citizens Advice data.

Angelic will source its energy from Robin Hood Energy, a not-for-profit company owned by Nottingham City Council.

The council will focus on the borough’s poorer residents, many of whom still use expensive pre-payment meters. Many have never changed their energy supplier, which is the way to get the best deals.


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