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Traders are forgotten, a community is divided

18 December, 2020

People-friendly streets? More a physically and metaphorically dividing community

• IN his letter Stephen Horne cites a leaflet produced by Islington Council as evidence that no businesses will be adversely affected by the PFS, people-friendly streets, scheme, (This is an over­whelmingly residential area, December 11),

Overlooked is an arcade of thriving businesses in Drayton Park (in the scheme’s “blue cell”). Most have been there for decades and will certainly suffer from the imposition of this scheme about which they have not been consulted.

What’s more these businesses are interlinked. The plumbers’ merchant brings in people who then use the adjoining café and shop. They all rely on motor vehicles for passing trade and deliveries.

And the risk is if one fails they could all be gone long before the trial is completed. Yet these hard-working traders appear to have been forgotten.

In addition, shops in Highbury Barn are voicing serious concern about deliveries they make to customers who are now about to become a circuitous detour away.

There are possible solutions but it seems the council and the scheme’s supporters are either unaware of the negative impact they will be bringing, or are so blinkered by their zeal to bring about change they are not concerned.

The result is far from creating people-friendly streets. Instead it’s physically and metaphorically dividing the community.

Highbury Hill, N5


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