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‘Traditional’ pie and mash could still be on the menu in market

Enterprising pair hatch plan to keep dish alive following the closure of Manze’s

10 May, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

John Hardy: ‘It’s going to take a bit of time to sort out, I’ve got to investigate how we could make it work financially’

A CUNNING plan is being hatched to keep traditional pie and mash in Chapel Market following the closure of Manze’s last week.

There was a public outpouring of despair when M. Manze’s Pie and Mash, in Angel, closed after 108 years of service, with hundreds of punters flocking to the shop to get their hands on the last pies. But a pair of Chapel Market stalwarts are considering a scheme that could bring back the “traditional pie and mash”.

Raymond Roe, who owns the Meat Market, and John Hardy, who runs a glasses stall, have been looking into the possibility of running a pie and mash stall.

Mr Roe said: “It would have to be traditional pie and mash with the soft base and the crusty top.

“If you go into the shops now it’s crusty all over or it isn’t right.

“If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to do it properly.”

As the Tribune previously reported, Mr Roe is in the process of closing the Meat Market and moving his butchery service into a Chapel Market stall.

Raymond Roe

Changing eating habits, cut-throat supermarkets and rising business rates have devastated his industry and made independent brick-and-mortar businesses almost impossible, he said.

He now has three trailers that he can use. Two of them will be used for his new butcher’s stall.

The spare could be used for pie and mash.

He said: “It’s going to take a bit of time to sort out, I’ve got to investigate how we could make it work financially.

“It’s a matter of setting it up right. I’ve got to think about health and safety, storage and how we’re going to cook it.

“And nothing can happen unless the council says so.”

Mr Hardy, who has had a stall in the market since 1972, was outraged when he heard that Manze’s had closed last week.

He said: “It’s a disgrace. I can’t understand why it’s closed. People are going to miss it.

“People love the pie and mash and they have come up to me asking why it’s been closed.

“I’ve told Ray that I’m thinking of putting my hat in with him on the pie stall.”

An Islington Council spokesperson said: “Markets are the lifeblood of our community, and it is our ambition to support traders and help the markets to grow.

“We welcome innovation and encourage ideas that could build on the markets’ appeal to shoppers – and we’re always happy to talk them through with traders.”

We contacted the owner of Manze’s for a comment but did not receive a response.


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