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Trapped passengers in Holloway Road tube station lift ordeal

Pregnant woman among 20 people who were unable to get out

15 May, 2018 — By Samantha Booth

Passengers were trapped inside a lift at Holloway tube station for nearly two hours

AN “urgent” investigation has been launched after 20 passengers, including a pregnant woman, were trapped inside a lift for nearly two hours at Holloway Road tube station.

The stranded commuters eventually had to use Twitter to get more information from Transport for London (TfL) on how much longer they would be stuck, after it came to a halt half way up to the ticket hall.

Ben Bschor, 44, was inside the lift on his way home from his sister’s wedding in Hamburg at about 7.30pm.

He told the Tribune: “It just stopped. We waited for a short moment and then set off the alarm.

“We got very little information initially. After a while we hit the alarm again and spoke to someone.”

After about half-an-hour, the passengers requested ventilation to be turned on as the “packed” lift started to warm up.

Mr Bschor said: “The mood in the lift stayed remarkably all right, everyone remained quite calm. One woman said she was pregnant, in the early stages. We were all standing up.”

He took to contacting TfL and the Piccadilly Line online for more information, and said: “Hey @piccadillyline, we need to get out of this lift ASAP.”

TfL replied that an emergency response unit and an engineer were on the way, adding: “We’ll have you out as soon as possible.”

Mr Bschor, who lives just minutes away from the tube station, said: “We were really lucky we could get a wi-fi connection in the lift.”

After an hour and 50 minutes, engineers managed to get the lift safely to the ground floor where staff were waiting with water bottles.

TfL closed the station for several hours while fixing the lift following the incident on May 1.

Allan Gardner, head of customer service for the Piccadilly Line, said: “I’d like to apologise to our customers for having to endure such an uncomfortable experience and for the lack of communication with them during this incident.

“Our engineers responded as soon as possible but, clearly, this was not quickly enough and we should have kept our customers better informed.

“We are urgently investigating what went wrong at Holloway station so that we can learn from it and prevent it from happening again.”

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