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Work by artists and photographers sent in after our appeal for ‘lockdown art’

10 April, 2020 — By Sam Ferguson

David Richardson’s ‘Stilled Life’

PIECES of art from all over the borough have flooded in to the Tribune, after we called on budding artists, poets and photographers to send us examples of their “lockdown art”.

David Richardson sent in his painting, entitled “Stilled Life”, painted with acrylics on canvas and showing tissues, paracetamol and hand-sanitiser.

Meanwhile, Allison Leach sent in photographs of what she calls “Pandemic Art” (above), which she spotted scrawled in chalk on Canonbury Square.

And Sylvia Gandha Key sent a painting of a quiet Zoffany Street (below), captured during a walk to the shops.

Many more pieces were received, and we’ll keep displaying our favourites in the weeks ahead in print and online. In particular, we’re looking for poems, photographs and paintings.

Speaking last week, Canonbury artist Gary Power said: “Even 20 minutes a day of creative structure will put power back into our own hands. We can tell the story from our point of view through the language of art. But most important, do it for you. It does work.”

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