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Trivialising The Mess!

15 October, 2021

• THREE-WORD slogans 18 months on!

Slogans Wearing Thin.
Build Back Better.
Herd-Immunity Hunch.
Blinded By Groupthink.
Headline-Grabbing Punning.
Make Things Up.
Levelling-Up Fantasy.
Dispiriting Culture Wars.
Trigger Worst Prejudices.
Punitive Border Policy.
Acute Labour Shortages.
Supply Chain Issues.
Empty Supermarket Shelves.
Farmers Slaughter Livestock.
Energy Prices Soar.
Care Staff Unprotected.
150,000 Bereaved Families.
Nurse Staffing Crisis.
PM On Holiday.
Familiar Vaudeville Act.
Trivialising The Mess.
Brexit False Promises.
Anglo-Saxon Suicide.
Turkeys For Christmas?
Chickens Coming Home.
Businesses Harsh Winter.
Gritter Drivers Shortage.
High Productivity Economy?
Accountable Kleptocrats Please.
Who’s Lost Control?
Learn From Mistakes.
Very Unlikely Slogan.

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