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True reasons to object to this road scheme may be obscured

26 March, 2021

• WE live within a low traffic neighbourhood, LTN, and about 300 metres from a main arterial road. We could therefore be said to benefit from the introduction of the LTN.

My close neighbour, initially strongly in favour of the LTN, is now complaining vociferously to one and all about the curbs on their ability to access shops and the additional time it takes to drive to work.

Imagine my surprise therefore to see my neighbour posting messages on social media protesting against the LTN but there was nothing at all about the additional personal inconvenience imposed by the scheme.

Their objections were now all about the additional noise and pollution endured by people having to live on the main arterial roads and the need to protect their health etc.

These, of course, are important issues and will no doubt be considered by Islington Council. But am I alone in noting this appropriation of other arguments to act as a convenient cover for an individual’s true objections.

So dishonest and so tiresome.



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