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Uncharitable or just lazy? A third of the UK are reluctant to give their unwanted items to charity

17 July, 2018

For the most part, we are all guilty of owning too much, the majority of which is left unused. So why are we keeping these things if we aren’t making use of them? 33% of the UK admitted to keeping things due to the sentimental attachment they have to them, whilst 24% of people said that they just simply forget about the things they own.

Owning too much occasionally calls for a good clear out, something that 75% of the UK say works to relieve stress. People seem to dispose of their unwanted items in a number of way, such as selling them online (30%), passing them on to family members (24%) and recycling (32%).

The statistics which came from a survey commissioned by Ready Steady Store, revealed that whilst giving to charity was a popular option when getting rid of their belongings, a third of people in the UK were still reluctant to donate their unwanted items to a good cause.

With that in mind, which UK regions need to have a clear out and donate more to charity?

The least charitable regions in the UK (Don’t donate unwanted items to charity)

London – 45%
West Midlands– 37%
South East – 36%
Scotland – 33%
North West – 33%

The survey has been supported by an infographic which you can view below.

Are we Living in a Material World?
Provided by Ready Steady Store


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