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Finsbury Park is united, a year after terror attack

Thousands gather to celebrate the breaking of the Ramadan fast, and mark the first anniversary of incident in which grandfather Makram Ali was killed

08 June, 2018 — By Emily Finch

Police officers in Finsbury Park after last year’s terror attack

THOUSANDS gathered at a “fantastic” ceremony to celebrate the breaking of the Ramadan fast on Wednesday night.

The community iftar outside Finsbury Park Mosque marked the first anniversary of the terror attack in which grandfather Makram Ali was killed by far-right supporter Darren Osborne.

The gathering, organised by Muslim Welfare House mosque, Finsbury Park mosque and charity Muslim Aid, saw visitors enjoy a meal and listen to speakers, who included Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Ali’s daughter.

Chairman of Finsbury Park mosque, Moham­med Kozbar, said: “It was a fantastic event, held a year after the attack to bring people together.

“It showed that the community is still united amid fear and division and we really appreciate the people who attended.”

Mr Kozbar said he had expected only 1,500 people to attend. Last year’s iftar, held just a few days before Osborne’s attack on the Muslim community, was a small affair with only a few community leaders in attendance.

He said: “We are learning how to have such a big event and to make it annual. There were people from outside the borough who came, from Luton and Watford. We want to build on it for next year.”

Mr Kozbar, who took over management of the mosque more than 10 years ago, said he had worked with police and the council to ensure the event was safe for everyone to attend.

Osborne was sentenced to a minimum term of 43 years in February for murdering Mr Ali and injuring a dozen others when he rammed a van into worshippers leaving the Muslim Welfare House mosque.

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