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Unsubstantiated and malicious anti-semitic nonsense

01 March, 2019

• IT was good to read Sue Lukes’ letter about being a Jewish Labour member, (Is it difficult being a Jew in the Labour Party? No, February 22).

As a Jewish Labour Party member I agree with her that I joined the party because it supports my values of justice, equality and anti-racism in all its forms, including anti-semitism.

I also fully agree with the letter printed beside Sue’s, by Patrick Edlin, about the lack of principle and opportunism by the defective seven, (The ‘Sack of Seven’ group jumped before they were pushed, February 22).

But then, what do I see also included in that letter? That age-old anti-semitic trope about Jewish conspiracy, suggesting that the new group is “financed by the Israeli embassy”.

This is unsubstantiated and malicious anti-semitic nonsense. Considering the new independent group of MPs has not declared any financial information, there is no evidence to suggest such a hateful accusation.

I don’t agree that Labour has more anti-semitism than any other party, but if they don’t want to keep being accused of this terrible slur they will need to check if Mr Edlin is a party member and if he is, they may need to look into whether, based on his anti-semitic canard, he should remain as a member.

I am also sadly disappointed with the Islington Tribune, a newspaper I normally admire, for allowing this slur to be published without questioning.



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