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Vandals steal People-friendly Streets campaigner’s planter

18 September, 2020 — By by Sam Ferguson

Police confirm they are investigating the theft of the planter

A SUPPORTER of the council’s road changes says she feels “threatened and intimidated” after her street planter was torn apart and stolen by vandals.

Eilidh Murray, who lives in Canonbury, said she suspects the culprits took umbrage with a poster tacked on to the wooden planter near her home, which read: “We love people-friendly streets”.

It was found upended onto the road, with the wooden frame nowhere to be seen. It had been filled with flowers and vegetation and took up a former parking spot.

Ms Murray said she had reported the incident to both the council and the police.

“I was on holiday and got a text last Sunday to tell me someone had emptied the contents all over the road and my neighbours were cleaning it up,” she said.

“I came home and helped, but sometime on Monday night or Tuesday morning the culprits returned and this time they took the planter with them when they left.

“It does leave you feeling threatened and a bit intimidated. It’s not a nice thing to happen so close to your home. I suspect it was because of the poster, there are some very small-minded people out there.

“But I’m determined to carry on campaigning for the introduction of people-friendly streets across the borough. Despite the vocal opposition, there are many more people who support this scheme, and a lot of groups working quietly to deal in facts and tell the truth.”

Ms Murray added: “Whoever did it clearly has a petty vindictive mindset. What has helped is all the comments and support I’ve had from my neighbours and others in the community.

“Everyone is really sad that the planter has gone, it was well-loved.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating.

People-friendly streets is the name for the council’s plan to ban rat-running on a third of the borough’s residential streets.

It has been introduced without a formal consultation, but the Town Hall says it will consult 12 months after the schemes have been in place.

Protest groups have held marches along Upper Street calling for changes to be reversed and warning that blue light vehicles will not be able to reach emergencies quickly.


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