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Waiting on those daffodils to raise their golden heads

09 March, 2018

• SPRING is my favourite time of the year and I have seen many. This year will be my 84th. Thank God.

An English Spring

A whisper in the morning breeze
A blackbird’s song at noon
Two buds upon an aspen bough
Said spring is coming soon.

No calendar could point so clear
Nor show the actual date
For sometimes she may blossom soon
And sometimes blossom late.

Now stirrings in the hedgerows high
In dark cold garden beds
Awaiting on those daffodils
To raise their golden heads.

And when the spring is in full swing
With beauty style and grace
I will stand upon some verdant hill
To look England in the face
And see the wonders of this land
This magic glorious place.

(“An old man rambling”)
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