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‘Wanted’ school posters accuse woman of stealing fruit

Suspect’s CCTV photo is pinned up around school gates after satsumas were taken from playground

12 May, 2017 — By Koos Couvée

Headteacher Barrie O’Shea with the ‘wanted’ poster, which features a photograph of the suspect – blurred out by the Tribune

A PRIMARY school in Upper Holloway has put “Wanted” posters up around its gates showing a woman they suspect of stealing fruit from their playground.

There was anger among teachers, staff and pupils at Duncombe Primary School after two large bags of satsumas destined for the youngest children in the school – which has one of the highest number of pupils on free school meals in Islington – were taken from the school grounds early on February 1.

Headteacher Barrie O’Shea said: “Fruit is delivered very early and it’s left by the tree in the school playground. The fruit was taken before parents came in. Two great big bags of satsu­mas were stolen. She just walked in and walked out with her dog. We haven’t seen her since.”

Upon discovering the fruit had been pilfered, school chiefs scoured CCTV to see if they could find the culprit. The school said it had notified police but is not seeking a criminal conviction.

“I just thought it was so mean and I would just like this lady to own up,” Mr O’Shea added. “We don’t want a criminal conviction or anything like that, but I’d like her to just pop in and say sorry and bring in some fruit.

Something generous and an apology would be appreciated.

“We’ve got one of the highest proportions of children on free school meals and that’s why it’s particularly mean. It’s for our kids who really enjoy fruit with their lunch.”

Bursting with Vitamin C, just one satsuma can provide nearly half of the daily recommended intake, health experts say.

The fruit was delivered as part of Islington Council’s healthy eating scheme.


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