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Warning as ‘quiet area’ is victim of spate of break-ins

Highbury Barn identified an "easy target" as trader warns businesses to be on guard

17 April, 2017 — By George Engels, Joe Cooper

La Fromagerie’s Danny Michelson

HIGHBURY business owners have been warned to be on their guard after a spate of break-ins in the area.

Gift shop To Be Established and Highbury Barn Barber Shop, in Highbury Barn, are the latest victims after they were burgled in the early hours of April 1. About £5,000 was taken from the barbers alone.

It follows a burglary just down the road in Highbury Park last month. There, thieves used a pressure pump to break a window at 4am before snatching phones, cash, a digital camera and spirits.
Manager Charlie Bilger said he felt criminals had “identified this as a quiet area, an easy target”.

Highbury Barn Traders’ Association spokesman Danny Michelson said: “People are worried they are going to be next to be broken into. I would ask people to be very aware of what’s going on, especially if they are  working later at night.”

He has been tightening up security at his specialist cheese shop and cafe La Fromagerie, and urged others to do likewise.

Highbury Barn and To Be Established were both targeted

Earlier last month the Highness Cafe and Little Highness Play Cafe in Highbury Park were looted. Little Highness was also flooded after vandals blocked the sinks and left the taps running.

Some business owners have called for more CCTV along the street but Islington Council said it had no plans to install cameras.

“Currently, there are no CCTV cameras along the road. However, there are some in the vicinity and there are likely to be many premises with their own CCTV,” a spokesman said.


• Salah Atallah, 25, of Alderans Hill, Enfield, was charged on April 3 with five counts of burglary, one count of criminal damage and two counts of theft by motor vehicle.

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