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Warning over rats ‘plague’ in Archway square

26 July, 2019 — By Emily Finch

Yuksel Yaman: ‘The rats are nesting in the ground by the new street trees – you can see holes in the ground’

A SHOP owner has warned of a “rats plague” in a new public square outside her store.

Yuksel Yaman, who owns Resurrection Boutique in Navigator Square, formerly Archway Square, says she has recently started seeing rats running around the front of her vintage store.

The Town Hall and Transport for London (TfL) worked together to pedestrianise the square during a £12.6million makeover in 2017 that saw the addition of segregated cycle lanes, benches and street trees.

“It’s because people keep feeding the pigeons lumps of bread,” said Ms Yaman.

“The pigeons don’t eat the whole piece and rats feast on it. You get fined when you drop a cigarette butt on the floor, and it should be the same for dropping bread. There’s a rat plague.”

Ms Yaman said she is not against people feeding pigeons but called on residents to be “more aware” of what happens to the bread that pigeons don’t eat.

“The rats are nesting in the ground by the new street trees – you can see holes in the ground. One even chewed at my shop door. It’s a public health risk, too,” she said.

Ms Yaman, who has owned a shop in the square outside Archway Station for more than 15 years, said she had been “ignored” by the Town Hall.

The Tribune understands pest control officers carried out an inspection of Navigator Square last week but no signs of the rodents were found. Other areas of the square will be inspected in the next few weeks.

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