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Wasted space at Quill Street allotments

28 September, 2018

Jack and Lucy Rickard who found solace in their allotment in Quill Street for almost two decades 

• I WAS very interested to read about the allotments in Quill Street as I overlook the site, (Cut allotment waiting lists, say couple, September 14).

It is not a happy place, as Jack Rickard claims. There have been constant feuding and backbiting over the years.

Neighbours have to suffer constant bonfires to get rid of the accumulated and unsightly rubbish on-site. People have complained about this.

There is also Japanese knotweed on the site. It is clearly visible. Islington Greenspace, which ‘manages’ the site, does nothing about this. It has ignored complaints and seems happy to let the site go to waste.

Most troubling of all is that, in spite of an alleged shortage of land, there is a large part of the site which is not let at all – enough for several plots. How can this be allowed if there is such a shortage of space?

Greenspace has recently tried to evict an elderly and frail plotholder instead of offering to help. This lays bare the illusion of a happy allotment site. Not an illusion I share.

St Thomas’s Road, N4


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