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We are choked up by traffic

26 March, 2021

• I HAVE been making representation to Islington councillors Rowena Champion and Caroline Russell, and Transport for London, over our road, Macdonald Road / Vorley Road.

I have been complaining about our road and how they have failed the good people of the Girdlestone Estate because we don’t seem to matter up here in the north of the borough.

I have made it very clear that I believe Islington Council should be charged under the Trade Descriptions Act for having the audacity to advertise “Clean air walk to the Whittington hospital” and “Clean air walk to Archway town centre” when we are being choked up by traffic using these roads as a rat-run since the disastrous opening of Navigator Square.

We even have a day nursery that is suffering with traffic fumes along this road.

I, and many tenants who are affected by this, are annoyed that the councillors and Transport for London have ignored our plight, and the only way in which we can fight this is to hit them in the ballot box on the issues come the local elections. They will than know how the majority feel and not the minority.

Perhaps I should also block this road off with my own flower pots to see what kind of action that would receive.

Girdlestone Estate, N19


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