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We are in the hygiene business and can help

20 March, 2020

• I AM the director of operations at 1 Stop Wash, a family-owned laundry, dry cleaning and linen business in Caledonian Road.

I came across a Tribune article regarding the effect of the coronavirus on Islington businesses and wanted to share what we are doing during the outbreak.

Like the other businesses, we’re also suffering from the virus, as we’re in the industry of hygiene and cleanliness, we have taken our own precautions.

These include:

– For drivers, whoever is conducting delivery driving is given gloves and disinfectants such as hand gel to use as they work their shifts.

– In store, we are taking proactive measures within our internal team; in addition, to remove any barriers to being fully stocked, we have bought supplies like gloves & disinfectants as well as constantly using hand soap to keep hygienic.

– For customers, during a time like this, when it’s safer to stay home, we are advising them to take advantage of our “uber-like”

pick-up and delivery service; customers are notified when a driver is on the way and can even leave bags outside their door as a precaution.

And as an added act of support during this tough time for the community we are offering a free load of laundry for any over-70s that are self-isolating.

We have been pushing this on social media groups which have gathered many shares, but we are yet to be approached by any elderly people other than the existing customers that we are doing this for as complimentary.

We’d love to get through to the people that need this support.

1 Stop Wash Eco-Friendly Laundry & Dry Cleaning
100 Caledonian Road, N1


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