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We are keen for businesses to flourish

02 August, 2019

• AS a committee member of the Islington Society I should like to comment on the Upper Street Association letter, and its headline (Allow Chapel Market’s small businesses to flourish, July 26).

No one is keener than the society to allow business to flourish, especially the market. That is precisely the objective of the study into possible improvements to the environment near the junction of Liverpool Road and Upper Street that we have suggested. The nicer the environment is for shoppers the more of them there will be.

As we see it at the moment, access for deliveries to traders in the market, which understandably is their primary concern (as quoted in your July 19 story), need in no way be affected by any restriction of traffic between the market and Tolpuddle Street. They would indeed be “left alone”, but with the prospect of more footfall coming from the Upper Street end.

As regards Liverpool Road having been “Historically… one of the main routes to the north”, a look at an old map such as the Baker map of Islington of 1793 shows it then to have been called Back Lane, narrow and winding with a major kink in it at what is now Barnsbury Street.

However, we must stress that no study has yet been made, so no definite proposal has been put forward and may not be.



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