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We are proud of our campaigning role to defend the hospital

30 August, 2018

• WE note that Dr Barry Hoffbrand, a private consultant nephrologist at the Wellington Hospital, is disappointed by our call for the chair of the Whittington Hospital to resign, (Defend the Whittington group must live up to its name, August 24).

He wants us to cease promoting our “political agenda”. Three times we have saved our hospital, in conjunction with your newspapers, the local community and our MPs.

In 2010 we stopped the closure of the accident and emergency, intensive care, maternity and paediatric departments – all areas for development under the current Estate Strategy.

In 2013 we stopped the disgraceful sell-off, passed unanimously by the hospital board, of half our hospital, including maternity services.

And most recently we stopped the board, who had again voted unanimously to employ Ryhurst, subsidiary of the Grenfell Tower contractors, from signing the contract.

This was after a nearly year-long campaign and now will result in the hospital having to pay a fine, from our health monies, to this company.

They are now bringing the management of the Estate Strategy back in-house. We think this was a dreadful waste of hospital time and resources and showed incompetence about an issue that the chair should have known about before dragging the board through the Rydon mud.

If a political agenda means defending our hospital for its patients and a healthy opposition to privatisation of our National Health Service then we are proud of our agenda.

We are most definitely proud of our campaigning role to protect our hospital. And we believe that the chair, the chief executive and the board of the Whittington should resign.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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