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We are the ones who will suffer Caledonian Park visitor centre disruption

24 November, 2017

• I RESENT the rude and patronising attitude of Matthew Tye (Fantastic start to work on visitor centre, November 17).

He states that he’s a “non-Nimby member of the community”, which is true as he doesn’t live anywhere near the noise, dirt and disruption that we locals are having to put up with.

He’s also wrong when he says that the new Caledonian Park visitor centre will be “an incredibly valuable amenity”.

First, the new centre is in the wrong place in the park to attract visitors, and the locals don’t want it. Second, no sensible future council will continue spending £90,000 a year to keep it running in this time of such severe financial cuts. This means that the visitor centre could become an unused white elephant.

The consequences of having two empty buildings in a quiet part of the park are obvious – they will be a magnet for vandalism.

Mr Tye clearly has no concern for our community’s worries about the future traffic hazards that the visitor centre will bring to our single-lane, one-way narrow roads, or the new parking problems it will bring, or the anti-social behaviour that will accompany it.

As he seems so keen on noise, dirt and disruption, perhaps he would like to propose something similar for his nearby Biddestone Park. It would be interesting to see what his community thought of that.

Clock View Crescent, N7


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