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We don’t want our lovely streets disfigured

11 September, 2020

Protesters calling for a stop to road closures across the Islington

• FRAN Sepulveda (The absurd car-centric policy must go, September 4) states that by August 30 4,700 people had commented on the Commonplace feedback website set up by Islington Council in May.

Islington has a population of approximately 215,000 so at less than 2.5 per cent the level of feedback is low.

How did the council let us all know about this initiative in the middle of the pandemic? I certainly was not made aware of it until last Thursday when the council leafleted residents on Liverpool Road to tell us (with four-days’ warning) about the planned road changes which will be implemented with no consultation.

They have also neglected to leaflet those people living in the side roads and squares where Liverpool Road residents will have to park along with delivery vehicles and visitors, once the 96 parking spaces have been removed all council residents / tax-payers should be informed; they will be affected.

Liverpool Road is used by the police as a 24-hour, high-speed, means of crossing the borough and with the proposed new layout the potential for accidents is terrifying – unless they are planning on taking another route?

As David Stanton said in his September 4 letter, along with all the other Islington residents protesting against the council’s “people-friendly streets”, Islington Council is misusing its power to impose so-called “experimental” and expensive road changes.

What’s going to happen to all those recently installed electrical charging points that will be rendered unusable?!) some of which look positively dangerous, “parking places ‘floated’ two metres from the kerb”? An accident waiting to happen.

Of course, we want clean air and more cycle and pedestrian-friendly routes for Islington residents, but we also want local businesses to survive, utility companies to carry out essential works, and the elderly and disabled and those with young families to get out and about in cars if they need to.

What we don’t want is to have our lovely streets disfigured with extra road furniture, filters and plastic bollards. Let’s keep them looking good and working for all users.

Liverpool Road, N1


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