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We have lost so much open space

18 December, 2020

Trees around Dixon Clark Court

• FOLLOWING the letters about building on the communal garden and felling mature trees around Dixon Clark Court, near Highbury Corner, I am writing in support of defenders of green space.

Air pollution in the area is already high and will only be increased by building there. The bottleneck at Highbury Corner and regular traffic jams on its main access routes produce a toxic mix.

The recently built apartment block nearby, with 54 flats on previous open space add to the air pollution. I heard once an Islington Society talk on the loss of grassy areas in the borough.

The speaker showed “before” and “after” slides, the first showing grass and trees, the second showing buildings. Each site had been approved as a one-off to provide homes.

The cumulative loss in recent years of open space has sadly been large in a “borough with the least green space per head in London”.

Saplings will be planted, we are told, to replace the felled mature trees. How many saplings would survive the pollution? And it would be years before those that did would help to clean the air.

I saw in the Islington Life magazine and promises to make the borough “a greener cleaner healthier place to live.” Fine words. May we ask that those promises save the Dixon Clark Court’s trees and garden?

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