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We have put on hold all planned work to install insulation cladding

23 June, 2017

• AS a responsible authority and landlord or freeholder for more than 35,000 households, Islington Council’s number one priority is fire safety.

We have a robust risk assessment programme, assessing some blocks every year and checking every block at least every three years.

We will quickly and comprehensively act on any lessons and advice from the London Fire Brigade that emerge from the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Along with all councils in Britain, Islington is urgently checking the cladding on all our high-rise blocks. We have sent samples for testing, which will verify the materials used and ensure they are still safe for residents.

Please rest assured that if we find anything concerning, we will follow London Fire Brigade advice to protect our residents.

We have put on hold all planned work to install insulation cladding on council properties, and will make sure specifications for future works include any amended advice.

To clarify some points made in your front-page Comment last week (Tackle this scandal now – not tomorrow, June 16), most of our council homes are not managed by tenant management boards.

We have 23 tenant management organisations or co-operatives (TMOs) managing just over 3,100 homes in Islington. Their time and dedication is genuinely valued by us and the residents they support.

Islington’s TMOs bear no comparison with the single TMO in Kensington and Chelsea, which is responsible for managing all council-owned housing there.

Islington’s TMOs are accountable to us; we work closely with them to ensure all our properties are covered by comprehensive and up-to-date fire risk assessments, and offer them our health and safety expertise and support.

To be clear, no Labour councillor has ever said they will bring TMOs in-house as a matter of policy.

Executive member for housing and development,
Islington Council


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