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We have to cough up for EU pensions

06 July, 2018

• “WHY pay to leave EU club?”asks Dr H Maynard (Letters, June 29). We will pay because whatever arrangement is reached with the EU we will still receive payments from it.

British former EU employees will receive pensions as will former MEPs, including Ukip ones whose hatred of the “EUSSR” does not inhibit them from filling their pockets from it.

They had an abysmal record of attendance at the European Parliament. The only MEP functions they fulfilled punctiliously were collecting salaries and claiming expenses. One former Ukip MEP got closer to the people by serving a prison sentence for making fraudulent claims.

It is hard to see why these pensions should be paid entirely by the people of the EU27 when it was English idiots who elected them.

Romilly Road, N4


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