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We have written to the landlord urging them to reconsider decision to force Essex Road greengrocers to close

13 April, 2018

• WE share the concerns of local people that the much-loved Market Garden, in Essex Road, may be forced to close by its landlord, (Essex Road customers in fight to save popular fruit & veg shop, April 9).

As Islington Labour’s councillors and candidates for St Peter’s ward, where the Market Garden has been at the heart of the community for many years, we strongly oppose any plans by the landlord to force the shop to close.

Along with the Islington Council executive member for economic development, we have written to the landlord urging them to reconsider this decision.

There has been some confusion that the council has been involved in either the landlord’s decision or the reported plans that the building will be turned into luxury flats.

We want to be abso­lutely clear that this is not the case. The landlord has not contacted the council about any proposed plans, and a planning application has not been submitted.

The council, under Labour leadership, has strict planning policies in place to protect vital space for employment, including local shops like the Market Garden.

This is part of our commitment to building a genuinely inclusive economy that works for all local people. Our policies mean that the landlord would find it extremely difficult to change the use of the building, or to build unaffordable luxury flats. We will continue to work together to protect the future of the Market Garden.

Labour, St Peter’s ward

Labour, St Peter’s ward

Labour candidate, St Peter’s ward

Executive member for economic development


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