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We look forward to a positive campaign in the upcoming by-election

15 November, 2019

• AS a councillor for St George’s ward, I want to thank Kat Fletcher for her years of service to our community. Kat is standing down from the council after six years and I wish her well in the future.

In the weeks between now and the vote on December 12, I am looking forward to engaging in a positive campaign about the issues that matter most to people.

It is, therefore, regrettable that the Green Party candidate’s first comments in the campaign was the same negative campaigning that people are so tired of. Her attacks on the council’s record are also wide of the mark.

I’m proud that, under Islington Labour’s leadership, carbon emissions in the borough have fallen dramatically in recent years.

In fact, Islington has seen the 12th largest fall in emissions (per head of population) of anywhere in the country, and has already achieved a 40 per cent reduction in emissions ahead of the 2020 target. But, of course, we want to go further, and faster, in tackling the climate emergency.

That’s why the council has replaced all street lights with more efficient LED versions, powered by 100 pr cent renewable energy, which has cut emissions by the equivalent of taking almost 1,000 cars off our roads each year.

We are also delivering ground-breaking projects to use waste heat from the Underground to power people’s homes and we have some of the country’s toughest planning policies to cut the climate impact of new buildings.

We are also making it easier to walk and cycle and are encouraging people to move away from using polluting vehicles with policies like the diesel surcharge and by installing more electric vehicle charging points.

There is much more to be done, and I welcome new ideas from residents being put forward and debated. I know Labour candidate Gulcin Ozdemir will be approaching the election in the way people want us to; with arguments based on evidence and rooted in an understanding of what matters to people.

Labour, St George’s ward


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