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We must have a further referendum

04 April, 2019

• DAVID Cheeseman is right when he claims the Brexit malaise has been caused by the failure of “650 educated and experienced politicians”, (A second referendum would lead to a year of uncertainty and demise, March 28).

However the education and experience on show is political manoeuvrings as epitomised by Boris Johnson’s support of the PM’s withdrawal agreement to further his leadership ambitions just days after arguing it was “time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus and say to Pharaoh in Brussels – Let my people go.”

Mr Cheeseman then says that one poll showed Brexit voting intentions were tied, but he omits to mention that of the other 124 polls conducted since the start of 2018, 113 have favoured remaining in the EU, eight were tied and only three gave a leave majority (Source: Jim Chisholm, End the Chaos). This public recognition of the absence of milk and honey in the promised land of Brexit must be tested formally in a further referendum.

Finally Mr Cheeseman cites uncertainty as a reason against a further Brexit referendum. However the greater uncertainty would be letting our politicians attempt the multi-year trade deal negotiations following their failure on the far simpler transitional agreement.



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