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We need an action plan to combat hate crime against disabled people

20 November, 2020

• LONDON has seen an increase of 125 per cent of hate crime against disabled people over the last year.

Data from the Metropolitan Police Service shows that the boroughs with the largest volume of hate crime are: Hackney, Islington, Camden and Croydon.

While some will want to believe that this increase is due to an increase in reporting, let’s not be naïve or complacent. We shouldn’t forget the way our society and systems marginalise disabled people.

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics states that disabled people constitutes 59 per cent of all deaths involving Covid-19 and the Coronavirus Act 2020 has relaxed local authorities’ duties for care and support towards disabled people.

There are more than 14 million disabled people in the United Kingdom, close to 20 per cent of the population; and they are constantly treated as second-class citizens, forgotten by policy-makers, invisible to all.

This needs to change. But is it ever going to?

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is bringing together a London Recovery Group of experts from a vast range of backgrounds (even the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a seat at the table) and this is great news for all Londoners and the future of our city.

Yet he forgot to include any disabled people’s organisation or any individual representing disabled people. We need a specific action plan in Islington to address the increase of hate crime disabled people are facing and we need it now.

We also need to make sure that disabled people’s organisations are included in all decision processes at all levels of governance. This is what Build Back Equal means.

Women’s Equality Party


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