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08 October, 2020

• IMAGINE if we had a government that would do something “revolutionary” in order to safeguard lives during this pandemic and economic crisis. Like raising the minimum wage.

How? By announcing to the wealthy who hide their money offshore that it is time for them to pay taxes as well; and that the taxes that will be collected will go to reinstating all the benefit cuts to the disabled.

Imagine if we had a government that would do something “revolutionary” like taxing 5 per cent off the fortunes of millionaires to make up for the looted pensions of retired people, or give a helping hand to the youth sinking into unemployment.

How? By going to our good bankers. Those that have been bailed out.

Imagine if we had a government that would do something for the people, like securing a “solidarity contribution” from the rich to protect the poor.

By going to the most prominent representatives of our domestic plutocrats, those who own billions, and invite them as good “patriots”, to deposit only 5 per cent of their luxury to the public coffers. Only 5 per cent and, in fact, from their surplus.

Would such a government be unimaginable? We do not think so. But we are also fully aware that Sir Keir has no such government to propose to us, and his answer would be that… our imagination is running wild.

We assure you, then, that we are not so imaginative as to believe that we can have such a government under current Labour.

However we do not think we should give up wanting such a government. And, as socialists, we do not believe that we cannot have such a government, or that we should relinquish our right to have an opposition worthy of the name.

We, the people, must lead this opposition. We, the workers of Britain, must be it. Sign our petition:

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