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We need details on the TfL bailout

29 May, 2020

• WE are continuing to scrutinise the Transport for London bailout deal imposed by the government and the punitive conditions attached to it.

On behalf of our community, I am rallying against the abrupt changes being made to the older person’s Freedom Pass, under-18s travel and the congestion charge.

It is regrettable that the government have used this as an opportunity to score political points, laying an unacceptable burden on Londoners.

I want to see these draconian conditions revoked, but the only people who can make that decision are the government.

This is why they must now be up-front and publish the deal in full as soon as possible. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been clear that the power to do so is in their hands.

The snippets that have been made public so far show that City Hall’s hands were tied in this agreement.

During the most recent oversight committee meeting, the minister for London confirmed that the government will look to release the document when parliamentary time allows.

A government press release also said that it would be published at the earliest opportunity.

There have been plenty of sitting days since then, but, at the time of writing, still nothing has emerged. Londoners need to be given the full picture and this must be sooner rather than later.

London Assembly Member for North East (Hackney, Islington & Waltham Forest)


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