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We need the protection of a bill of rights

11 September, 2020

PM Johnson ‘a man who behaves as if he is above the law’ 

• WE are now living in a strange place.

Government is telling us to wear masks on trains or buses and shops. If you had worn masks in the past, you may have run the risk of arrest.

There is an old curse, “May you live in interesting times.” We are living in interesting times.

We now have the government appointing a former, Australian PM as an adviser on trade negotiations. What we need to be asking is not who but the wider question, why?

After all, Boris Johnson promised an “oven-ready Brexit” so why do we need a trade negotiations expert if we already have everything in place?

However if we do not have the “oven-ready Brexit” deal then we were lied to and conned by the prime minister. In addition we are also brewing up trouble for the future.

We have a prime minister with an appetite for power and a disregard for following rules, a man who behaves as if he is above the law and, when the pot boils over, hides in fridges and avoids responsibility for the whole mess he has created and anything he has said or done.

Since he came to office Johnson has been playing a dangerous game with the truth and rules. After he failed to sack Dominic Cummings for breaking social distancing rules he continued, and continues, to follow the mantra of “do as you are told not as I do”.

This country is heading down a very dangerous path in which the twin evils of racism and xenophobia have been weaponised as the cure-all ammunition of choice for Johnson and his government.

What we now have is a country covered in petrol and a government with a lighted match waving it around like a flag in the wind.

Sooner or later the match will find the petrol and then ignite the whole country. We have seen this happen in other countries (for example, the USA).

Once you let the genie out of the bottle it is hard to put it back. Just as it is hard to remove hatred and fear from the streets once they start, with rioting, burning, and looting.

I would remind readers that we have seen this happen in London before when Johnson was Mayor of London and what he did then.

Instead of meeting people and trying to reduce the tension and defuse the situation, Johnson went out and purchased water cannons. This is not the action of someone who has the welfare of all the citizens at his heart or on his mind.

This is why we should be very worried not about what we can see this government is doing but what we cannot see.

What plans have been made to buy “new” types of weapons to use on the population, that we do not yet know about, and can only guest at?

I warn readers that it is very dangerous situation to have a government led by a prime minister that plays with matches and is pouring petrol on a fire.

What we need is a new bill of citizen rights, enshrined in law, and written to protect the rights of all of us from the abuse and oppression by a prime minister and a government determined to hold on to power at any price.

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