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We need this country united not divided

29 November, 2019

• THE Tories are planning: to increase the retirement age to 75; end the right to strike, restrict collective bargaining rights in the workplace; increase agency zero contract employment; dilute workers’ pension schemes allowing companies to raid funds; and the transfer of the NHS to private medical companies.

And they plan: further cuts in welfare payments and disability allowances; to increase the £9,250 yearly student tuition fees; end council housing and increase gentrification schemes up and down the country, demolishing many more council estates.

There will be more cuts in school budgets. The Tory austerity would not end. By increasing the state pension age to 75 they can bribe people with tax cuts on National Insurance.

Please don’t fall for this, they give you a few hundred pounds so you increase your retirement age to 75 for maybe you, your children, and grandchildren. What’s left after this? There are only the workhouses to come back again.

Labour recognise that everyone needs to pay their taxes, especially the rich people, and a few more quid for those that earn over £85k a year.

Vote Labour to stop retirement going up to 75, for the NHS to be fully funded and medical drugs to be manufactured here in the UK, saving huge amounts for the NHS.

Although industrial action should only be taken when everything is exhausted, as a last resort, banning strikes is heading towards an oppressive totalitarian state which would enslave many workers. Labour would bring in better industrial relations policies, dignity and fair pay in workplaces.

A four-day week with no loss of pay is achievable and long overdue. The 340,000 apprentice schemes is something the UK really needs, the 100,000 council houses to be built every year is an excellent policy. Council homes in the UK have been paid off 13 times over by rents so, in the end, they don’t cost anything.

Rent controls and improved, fairer, contracts in the private rented sector would help many hard-pressed tenants at the end of their tether. Investing in green industry and technology would give the UK a good start in this expanding field.

Labour is not for the 52 per cent or 48 per cent but for the 99 per cent. We need this country united not divided. Don’t waste your vote on December 12, make sure you vote Labour.

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