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We need to help Trump to grow up

22 November, 2019

Donald Trump

• EVERY time I open the Evening Standard to encounter a news item on Donald Trump, I find myself freshly aghast to read that he has transgressed yet another norm of human decency.

In the multi-ethnic, multi-religious and atheist-peopled council block of Islington in which I live, we parents, seem to be totally agreed on the way we bring up our children.

We strive almost without exception, to rear our children to internalise the universally accepted elemental values of human decency.

Please reference the wonderful credo by Robert Fulghum All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. 

We teach our children to be loyal to their friends (witness the back-stabbing of the Kurds who allied with the USA in the fight against Daesh).

We teach our children to clean up after themselves (witness Trump’s denial of global warming when the USA is one of the globe’s worst polluters).

We teach that the bond between parents and their children is inviolable (witness the transgression of biblical proportions of Trump’s policy of forcefully separating children from their asylum-seeking parents at USA’s southern border).

I hope the current public inquiry into the impeachment of president Trump ends with his actual impeachment so we can tell our children that human decency triumphs in the end.

I recommend that Trump post impeachment, be required to undertake a remedial kindergarten education to internalise the fundamental elements of human decency. (No blame implied or intended to his original kindergarten teacher).

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