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We need to know about the roll-out plans for 5G

13 December, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• LIKE Susie Luke from Braithwaite House (Why not use the Town Hall roof for 5G antennas? November 22), our tenants’ and residents’ association also wants to know how much money Islington Council would be stuffing in its coffers by allowing the fixing of 86 5G antennae on the tower block on our estate – Michael Cliffe House.

We want to know how many council blocks across Islington they plan to use in the roll-out of 5G, at the potential risk to the health of mostly working-class families and how much money this will bring in.

We have already asked them (without response) how many planning applications for 5G masts and/or antennae have already been submitted in Clerkenwell and Bunhill; how many have been approved; how many are in the process of negotiation with planning officers; and, by compar­ison, how many are being fixed on luxury blocks?

This is not just an issue of planning policy. The council is the freeholder of our homes and land they sit on.

And when, at the very least, there is wide division among the scientific establishment around the health impacts, the questions are why are they failing to consult with us as tenants on the wider issues?

Why are they failing to inform us on what conversations they are having with the companies rolling out 5G aside from the planning process? The council is our landlord and legally responsible for consulting with us on any changes to our homes.

We want to know what assessment has been made of the potential damage to the fabric of the roof of Michael Cliffe House or other council blocks.

Have they considered the potential security risks in allowing access to private companies on to the roof of our block or others? Have they considered the impact of noise from the installation of the antennae on tenants?

We want to see evidence that all this assessment has been carried out independently, since we don’t thrust them to act in our best interest.

Joseph Trotter Close, EC1 


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