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We say get Rydon out of Whittington Hospital deal now

25 January, 2018

Protesters surround Whittington Health chairman Steve Hitchins at a board meeting in November

• AT two recent public meetings, Siobhan Harrington, chief executive, and Steve Hitchins, chair of Whittington Health, claim that they have consulted staff, the local community and council regarding their Estate Strategy.

It is true that we knew about it, but our anti-cuts, anti-privatisation opinions have not necessarily been noted.

But they have implied that we were all consulted about the employment of Ryhurst, the subsidiary of Grenfell contractor, Rydon, for a 10-year contract to “mastermind” their Estate Strategy.

We all want upgraded state-of-the-art hospital facilities but not planned by this disgraced and disgraceful company.

Originally the hospital was going to organise their new Estate Strategy themselves. They drew up the plans that they are now using. But the main problem is that the government won’t fund NHS development.

The cost of procurement involved in using private companies, as well as the risk, as the Carillion debacle shows, and the unethical choices made by the hospital board all point to a return to the original plan. The NHS should plan and do their own development.

We say Get Rydon out now!

Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition


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