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We trust Jeremy Corbyn to lead the stand against all forms of racism

06 April, 2018

• LONG before Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, he was (and continues to be) president of Islington Pensioners Forum.

Our experience is that he speaks and acts in a principled way, based on his strongly-held beliefs for democratic and human rights for all. We agree with him and trust him to lead the stand against all forms of racism in the country and in his party.

He recently gave total support to an amendment from Lord Dubs, a Jewish refugee from Nazism, to allow 3,000 child refugees into Britain. The Conservative Party voted against – the amendment was lost. Where were the headlines then?

Yet, Jeremy is under media fire, with headlines like “siding with anti-Semites” and “figurehead for anti-Semitism”.

Of course, the press and news programmes will say this is merely quoting others; that was the media excuse during the two Labour leadership elections and the general election when Jeremy was constantly and consistently under fire.

We see these latest attacks as part of the campaign to undermine the growing support for Jeremy throughout the country.

Chair, Islington Pensioners Forum


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