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We want this important wildlife area back

26 June, 2020

Whittington Park: ‘three-quarters of the meadow has been taken away’

• SEVERAL years ago, the council (in the shape of Greenspace) fenced off and planted wild flowers in a section of Whittington Park. Residents and visitors have been enjoying this vibrant section of the park.

While some much-needed new housing is being built nearby, the council decided it would be appropriate to place portable cabins on top of the “meadow.” Even though 700+ people signed a petition, it appears that the need for cabins in that exact spot was paramount.

As a compromise, about three-quarters of the “meadow” was taken away; a travesty (see picture above). The contractors seem to be completely indifferent to residents.

The site of the new block of flats included a play area. There seems to have been no thought about recycling the play equipment; residents saw a JCB crumpling the apparatus and dumping it in a skip.

How long will it take to build this six-storey block? How long will local people have to put up with the inconvenience?

When the builders have finished and removed the concrete blocks from our park, can we hope that a glorious spot in the park will emerge again?

We have to ask whether Islington Council realises how important Whittington Park is to residents.

The contractors should have been made aware of this. It seems that communication has been appalling between the council and local people.

Islington gave us a wildlife area and we want it back!



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