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We will fight to save our NHS

30 June, 2017

• I WRITE on behalf of health campaigners in Islington’s Keep Our NHS Public to protest in the strongest possible terms about the pressure on our hospitals and health planners to “think the unthinkable” in making immediate cuts in the NHS in North Central London.

Across North Central London, the NHS is being asked to make additional cuts of £185m by the end of next March. The plan to put in place a “capped expenditure process” – in this and 13 other sub-regions across the country – was prepared during the election campaign.

The bullying and imperious tone of the paper indicates that those who lead NHS England and NHS Improvement thought they were going to have a big Tory majority behind them to enforce this demand.

Cuts in the NHS were a prime election issue, and one reason why that majority did not materialise. These unelected officials who are at the head of the NHS need to understand that things have changed and the public are just not prepared to put up with their NHS being destroyed.

We call upon all 12 MPs in North Central London, and especially Islington’s Emily Thornberry and Jeremy Corbyn, and the council leaders of Islington, Camden, Haringey, Barnet and Enfield to work together to resist these impossible demands and to give notice to the government that we will fight them all the way.

We call on Jeremy Hunt, who much to everyone’s surprise is still Secretary of State, to exercise his authority and pull these officials into line.

Islington Keep Our NHS Public


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