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Councillor Claudia Webbe welcomes Corbyn allies to party’s ruling body

Islington councillor sits on Labour’s NEC, overseeing the formation of party policy and preparation for elections

19 January, 2018 — By Emily Finch

Councillor Claudia Webbe: ‘There’s no doubt that if a general election was called today we would have a Labour government and Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister’

A LABOUR councillor who sits on the party’s governing body has said she is looking forward to working with three allies of Jeremy Corbyn voted onto the committee this week.

Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of Jon Lansman, a founder of the pro-Corbyn network Momentum, who joins Yasmine Dar and Rachel Garnham on the party’s National Executive Committee.

Their election on Monday was at the expense of comedian Eddie Izzard, seen as a soft-left candidate lukewarm to the Labour leader, who came fourth in the ballot and did not gain a place.

The NEC oversees the formation of party policy and preparations ahead of elections. It also has a say on how party ranks are disciplined during internal controversies.

Corbyn-supporting Claudia Webbe, a NEC member who represents Bunhill ward at the Town Hall, said: “They [the members] want to see change – a democratic, socialist Labour Party not just in name but in action.

“The party had an increased membership before Jeremy took up the leadership and it’s grown because of his leadership. We need to ensure that we have a party that reflects the membership and growth in that membership.”

Cllr Webbe said she was involved in a “democracy review” of the party to “determine the kind of change that people want to put forward”.

She added: “In terms of policies going forward I will be campaigning for a Labour Party that is committed to redistributing wealth, income and power from the few to the many, ending poverty, protecting the environment, promoting social justice and fighting discrimination, inequality and injustice.”

In the 1980s, Mr Lansman championed mandatory reselection of incumbent MPs in a bid to shift power to party members. Some members fear this will become party policy following his election to the NEC.

Cllr Webbe said: “We’ve never discussed that at an NEC. He [Mr Lansman] has given a view but that’s not what the NEC discussed.”

Of Mr Corbyn’s chances at a general election, she said: “There’s no doubt that if a general election was called today we would have a Labour government and Jeremy Corbyn as our Prime Minister.

“The Tories are in a shambles. They have no direction for this country and no real mandate.”


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