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We’re on the side of the Whitecross estate

29 June, 2018

Scaffolding goes up at St Mary’s Tower

• WE want to reassure residents of Peabody Tower and St Mary’s Tower on the Whitecross estate in Bunhill ward that your local councillors are taking Peabody to task over its poor communication regarding the removal of potentially flammable insulation discovered recently on the estate.

The reaction of the housing association has been too slow. Residents are rightly concerned about how long the removal will take, and what the process will mean for residents. This is just not good enough.

As Bunhill councillors we are challenging Peabody to listen to the voices of residents, to implement a clear communication and management plan for the removal of potentially flammable insulation and to monitor interim fire safety measures that have been put in place until all homes are deemed safe.

There has been a Bunhill councillor at every meeting on this issue since it was first revealed, and we will continue to hold Peabody to account.

Fire safety on the Whitecross estate was discussed as an emergency topic at a meeting of the housing scrutiny committee on June 21, where councillors rigorously questioned Peabody about what steps it is taking to make properties fire-safe.

Councillors offered support from the council to work with Peabody to ensure open and collaborative engagement with residents and share best practice from the successful processes we utilised last year with Braithwaite House.

As community champions for Bunhill ward, our first priority is the safety of residents. We want to reassure our community that we are on your side, and will continue to press for information and support for residents of the Whitecross estate.

Labour, Bunhill ward


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