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We’ve been dumped on

10 March, 2017

• WHY did it take four days – at the very least – for police and council to act at Upper Holloway, where more and more construction waste was being brought by lorries?

Outside my windows I could observe trucks without number plates and driven at high speed, day after day unloading waste, and children running all over it. There is now a large heap of it.

I sent my first email to the police on the evening of February 28, and my film of the lorries dropping rubbish to councillors and the anti-social behaviour team on March 1.

The occupants of the site were removed on March 5. That means they had plenty of time to fill up the large yard of the Bush Industrial Estate with waste. That waste may well contain asbestos and other toxic substances. The rubbish tip was used as a toilet too.

Police could have easily checked that the relevant lorries – fully-loaded on the way in – had waste carrier licences. We residents of Wedmore Gardens repeatedly sent the precise address of the entrance to the tip to all authorities, with films and photographs. There is only one way in and out.

Why did the police not check that those lorries had waste carrier licences, and if not confiscate them? Where was Councillor Claudia Webbe, Islington’s executive member for the environment, at the time we were sending her our emails with films and photographs? Who is going to remove the mountain of waste now?

Wedmore Gardens, N19


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