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We’ve laid out steps to achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030

12 July, 2019

MPs including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry show their support for Islington Council’s ‘climate emergency’

• THE article (Jeremy Corbyn shows his support for Islington Council’s ‘climate emergency’, July 5) contained a couple of inaccuracies.

Islington’s declaration of an environmental and climate emergency was moved by Cllr Claudia Webbe and seconded by me. I was proud to second this historic motion.

I spoke about the Labour group’s support for the schools strike for climate, which grew from a small band of adults and young people, to the large protest on May 24.

The young people spoke out about the danger to their futures and the threat to all wildlife on the planet. In my speech I said that they must not be ignored and we must act now.

I also reported that, unlike Islington’s bold lead, we have a government that is giving its support to the planned third runway at Heathrow that will re-route rivers, replace utilities and build car parks for 50,000 cars.

The Labour Party and Islington Labour group opposes the expansion of Heathrow. In the motion declaring the emergency the council laid out many steps that it will take to achieve its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Labour, St George’s ward


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