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What about fines for cyclists who are a danger?

08 March, 2019

Cycle Islington spokeswoman Eilidh Murray

• THE Tribune reported that the Cycle Islington spokeswoman and others had urged the Met Commissioner to give police officers power to fine speeding drivers, (Islington cycling groups want police to issue more on-the-spot fines to speeding drivers, March 1).

That is obviously an excellent idea for the safety of all of us. Can we hope that she and her colleagues will equally ask the commissioner to give officers power to fine cyclists who endanger everybody, but especially themselves, by ignoring the statutory duties set out in the Highway Code?

These include obeying traffic signs and traffic lights, using front and back cycle lights, and not riding on the pavement. That would be good for the safety of pedestrians and, above all, of cyclists themselves.

Highbury Corner, N5


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