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What to expect as an LTN report is about to be seen

08 October, 2021

What to expect as a six-month report on the LTN measures is imminent

• IT was always predictable that the opponents of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) would welcome Islington’s six-month report on the measures with a barrage of criticism about methods for collecting data about pollution and congestion.

And attempt to undermine the results by questioning the integrity and ability of councillors and officers.

So with Islington’s six-month report on the Highbury West LTN due out in the next couple of weeks (and with the prospect of the inevitable long-winded, tedious, trivial, and repetitive, debates on social media), the conditions for a measure of pollution and congestion acceptable to anti-LTNers are set out below:

• there must be a huge burst water main on Holloway Road; and

• there must be an electricity outage for the whole of north London affecting all traffic lights; and

• there must be Cadent gas repairs on all arterial roads in north London; and

• all parents and carers must drive children to and from school regardless of distance.

If these four conditions are not all simultaneously fulfilled, the Islington measures for congestion and pollution are to be deemed null and void.

But in the event that all four conditions are simultaneously fulfilled, the 2021 measures will then have to be compared with the results for the comparable calendar week in 1921 (horse-drawn carriages are not to be counted in either 1921 or 2021).

And If the 2021 measures of pollution and congestion are higher than those in 1921, this will provide incontrovertible evidence that the LTN is unacceptable and must be removed.

Sorted… simples.



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