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When Left were expelled

31 May, 2019

Alastair Campbell

• DURING the run-up to the London Mayoral election I received an email from Islington Council leader Richard Watts urging me to vote for Sadiq Khan.

A strange proposal, given I was a member of the Labour Party and had no choice in this matter.

However, having endured 10 years of my party’s infiltration by the Blair and Brown bilious Tory lite, I was delighted finally to be able to vote for a real socialist in the guise of George Galloway. I replied to Mr Watts to say so.

A couple of weeks on I applied to join Moment­um and was told that I could not as my Labour Party membership had been terminated. When I contacted the party mem­bership office they con­firmed that this was because of my “intention” to vote for Mr Galloway.

Listening to the news and reading sanctimon­ious articles in The Guardian describing the party’s decision to expel Alastair Campbell as “petty, foolish and counterproductive” are frankly nauseous.

It is okay when the Left were expelled in our thousands to try to stave off Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as leader, but when a Blairite is expelled under these same rules, the violins and the lawyers come out to play.

Granville Square, WC1


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